Friday, March 20, 2015


Prophecy cow received a strange question today.
What is cow?
We will ignore for the time being the grammatical error in this question. Surely, the asker meant to ask, "what is a cow?"

Someone once said that there are no bad questions. They were wrong. Prophecy cow deals in prophecies, which occur in the future. Although prophecy cow recommends living in the present, prophecy cow does not answer questions about the present. For questions about the present, consult Google.

Perhaps the asker meant, "what will cows be like in the future?". THIS we can answer.

In the future cows will be in space, along with their human companions. Because they will be in space, their legs will lose function and will become merely decorative. Their bone structure, more generally will become redundant and their bodies will be nearly spherical. Their skin and orifices will become space-proof and they will direct themselves through the cosmos through jet-propulsion, also known as farts and burps.
Prophecy cow has spoken.

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