Friday, March 4, 2016


An inquisitive spirit is concerned for the future of their lineage, perhaps even for that of humanity. 

Given the preposterous evolutionary leaps that brought us from single-celled eukaryotes to the complex organisms that we are today, what kind of bad ass super powers can I expect my grandchildren to be born with?

We assure you, things will be different in the future.

Quite different.

Your grandchildren will be born with incredibly long toes. 

You may be tempted to believe that these toes will be adaptive in some way, making life easier for your grandchildren. This belief would be wrong. Natural selection does not act in two generations. Your grandchildren will be considered freaks and it will take them a long time to accept themselves for who they are.

Fortunately, regardless of your grandchildren's toe lengths, the Dairy Spirit will be with them.

Prophecy Cow has spoken.

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