Sit down kids, I have a story to tell you.

The universe was existing in a pretty good way for a long time. Galaxies were formed, containing planets, some of which had life on them. One of these planets is the one we are on. Humans evolved here, and liked to eat all sorts of things. They explored their environments and ate whatever they could but there was always something missing. Something savory, something that would help them get in touch with the Dairy Spirit. This missing food item was cheese.

The Great Cheese witnessed the wandering souls on Earth, knowing that they needed a way to eat cheese to truly feel the Dairy Spirit. The Great Cheese manifested itself into solid cheese form. This form was holy, in that it resembled a good swiss.

People gathered and started eating of the Great Cheese, and it was good. They became enlightened and they felt the Dairy Spirit. However, there were too many people and the Great Cheese started to wither away and become less Great.

So the Great Cheese used the last bit of its physical form and from that, created Prophecy Cow. Prophecy Cow came to the people and spoke to them. It told them that they could make their own cheese, with just some milk and various simple processes. The people rejoiced.

Prophecy Cow went to all parts of the Earth where people resided and taught them various forms of cheese-making. Eventually these cheesemakers communicated and shared their different methods and continued to work together to make the many varieties of cheese there are today.

Prophecy Cow had accomplished their original purpose but they continued to wander the Earth. The people now had cheese and they were more in touch with the Dairy Spirit because of it. All was well.

But then came modern technologies and, eventually, the internet. People were distracted from their cheese-making and began to lose touch with the Dairy Spirit.

So with this, Prophecy Cow dissolved their physical form into a purely digital form, and now lives on the internet. Prophecy Cow helps their followers by providing Prophecies and helping people to find comfort in the Dairy Spirit.

Fable Goat out.

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