Sit down kids, I have a story to tell you.

Before the dawn of time, the universe was not an empty void, as some would have you believe. It was completely full. Every corner of the universe was a liquid. It appeared to be homogenous, but in fact, it was a suspension. It was milk. A universe of nothing but milk. This milk had been in existence for all eternity and will continue to exist but in different forms - but we'll get to that.

In the midst of the suspension a powerful being came to be. This being, later to be known as the Great Cheese, decided that the universe would be much more exciting if it were not all the same.

So the Great Cheese started to change things, to pull things together, to push them apart and to change their forms. The Great Cheese took the milky suspension and from this created all types of particles, from matter to anti-matter.

These eventually came to form the planets and eventually all of life. But at the core, every particle contains the essence of the original milky universe, which is the same essence that is contained within the Great Cheese and is known as the Dairy Spirit.

Prophecy Cow is also a part of this story, but we will learn of them later in another story.

It should also be noted that The Great Cheese has nothing to do with the creation of life. Listen to the scientists kids, they know what they're talking about.

Fable Goat out.

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